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Deposits + Withdrawals






Brokerage Rates

Brokerage Rates

1% fee on traded volume on each transaction

Deposit & Withdrawal limits and process

Each customer's BTC withdrawal limit are defaulted to 0.5 BTC per day. In order to increase this limit to the maximum amount of 50 BTC per day and 500 BTC monthly (varies from country to country), each customer is required to add a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to their account.

Daily limit and month limit can be increased upon request (subject to compliance approval).

Note: Additional limits applicable as per the local law requirement.

MYR holding restriction for Belfrics Malaysia Buying BTC

Upon transfer of MYR to Belfrics bank account and upon subsequent credit to MYR wallet for BTC purchase, customers are supposed to buy the BTC to the full value of transferred MYR before 11:55 PM the same day. If the customer has not purchase Bitcoin within the stipulated time, Belfrics system will place a auto buy order for BTC at the prevailing market price for the full (depending on the execution) pending MYR deposited in to the account.

Selling BTC

Upon selling BTC at belfrics exchange, the equivalent MYR realized from the sale of Bitcoin will be sent in full to the customer account on the next available working day (subject to the clearance from counterparties).

MYR deposits are credited Monday to Friday (excludes public holidays) by 11 AM EAT (eastern African Time)

MYR Withdrawal requested received before 10 AM EAT are processed for 3 PM EAT clearance, same day (excludes Weekends and local public holidays)

BTC withdrawal are processed automatically up to the amount of BTC available in Belfrics hot wallet. Transfer of BTC from belfrics cold wallet will be processed as per the below timeframe.

Bitcoin cold wallet transfer are made 4 times per working day and the processing cutoffs:

1) Withdrawals polled at 1 AM GMT, broadcast by 10 AM GMT

2) Withdrawals polled at 11 AM GMT, broadcast by 1 PM GMT

3) Withdrawals polled at 4 PM GMT, broadcast by 6 PM GMT

4) Withdrawals polled at 8 PM GMT, broadcast by 11 PM GMT